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Tech Wealth Bank believes in transparency which is our strength. Looking towards portfolio management trade in the Globe and Marketplace there are two categories. Either investor receives a small 8-10% scalped profit being invested and 90% profit remains with the portfolio management companies. Next investor has a binding of minimum lock-in period and before that investor cannot pull out his funds. If he tries he gets nothing, not even capital. These are the practices which are financially painful and does not motivate the investor to take risks towards portfolio management practices.

YOUR OWN ACCOUNT - You will have your own account in your name with a regulated financial institute whom you trust and you will have complete control in it. Tech-Wealth-Bank will never ask you to transfer any money to any other account. Our Experienced team manages every account with the same weight. You will feel safe and protected with your account where no one can take a single penny from you.

24 X 7 | 100% ACCESS - You will be able to access and watch every single movement of your account that how it is managed and how your capital is growing. You can always control of your account. You can feel absolutely confident to see and experience minute by minute details of your account anytime. No intervention and dependence. You even do not need us for any credentials or information.

NO LOCK-IN PERIOD -There is no lock in period in any account. You can open your account today and close the next day as per your wish. There is no hidden policy while opening and closing accounts. No charges and zero upfront fee. Everything is absolutely free. In fact, you can experience a complete free counseling before entering into the portfolio management industry. It’s easy like a shower taking activity.

ACCOUNT PROTECTION | NO RISK - We at Tech-Wealth- Bank will responsibly take every movement of your account thoroughly. There are absolutely no risks which you can easily see and experience through portfolio management activity. Yes! If you want to have extra miles in your earning possibilities. We can consult you with complete tech-know-how. For rapid wealth creation we have special cycles also.


This category of account has our 90% clients. Where you can choose from the list of all recommended financial institutions and then you can open your account. Once the account is open and funded we can start managing the portfolio and you can withdraw the profits every month. We shall be taking our performance fee only after you receive your profit.


This category of account is specially made for investors who need ultra-fast income to fuel their business or projects. With a calculated risk reward ratio, you can ultimately earn around 85-140% profits in just 90 to 180 days. It is needful to be highlighted that these categories of account require a high amount of funds and have certain risk taking appetite required as it rewards on the very higher side.

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Today, Tech-Wealth Bank is one of the most popular wealth and portfolio management companies in Middle East, USA, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries. The parent company has ensured that Tech-Wealth Bank emerges as a consistent leader in development and management of high frequency trading with a huge team of market experts, analysts, leading traders and world class economists.
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