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 The concept of tech wealth Bank in one sentence is it is a team who trades on your behalf professionally and regularly in your trade account for regular profits.

No! You need not to deposit or transfer any funds into another account. You just have to to open your trade account in your name with your documents which will have your complete control and access.

Professional online trading is a sharp edged skill. Without proper team, analysis, deep studies, mathematical integration, technical setups, risk reward analysis no one can bring regular profits. Tech wealth Bank is well equipped with all the aforementioned requisites. So, consistent profit is our USP.

There will be a risk of of maximum 5% in your trade account. At any point of time 95% of the capital will be intact in your account. So, tech-wealth-bank always executes operations with 5% capital. So there is no chance of losing the entire capital.

No! Absolutely not. Nobody except you can withdraw money from your trade account because your trading account is regulated and is linked with your bank account. So any money being drawn will be directly credited into your bank account.

As the minimum risk quantity will be 5% so you should expect the profit around 5 to 10% per month. On an average you can expect around 60 to 80% per annum.

Yes! To see and evaluate our performance, you can start with a virtual life account without any cost with your documents. You can see, access and evaluate our performance with the trades you will see in your virtual live account. Once you are satisfied and confident enough we will start your real account.

Yes ! You can associate with us in terms of business. Our Associates are making a handsome income on a regular basis in comparison to do any other business running around. In fact, they earn on a per month basis with each account they bring us.

Pool fund management is a method in which you start multiple accounts under 1 account manager who is the owner of the account. Pool Fund manager pools funds in different accounts and Tech wealth Bank trades on school fund managers behalf. Pool fund manager shares a part of profit with all the account holders under his account.
Yes! We do offer 150% – 200% in some programs which are tailor made and in which investors agree to take a certain amount of more risk. Against the risk taken with a very rigorous effort and research of the entire team we execute trades which can bring us profits.

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