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TCA | Trade in Client’s Account

Proposal with set of Protocol for Trading on Behalf of Client’s Account
These set of procedures are to be followed for the most comfortable and hassle-free experience of the client to work on TCA mode.


Client who is interested must choose a specific time to understand about the service completely with his query against which compliances can be submitted. Clients must throw the most negative questions to the TCA associate so that maximum clarity upon the subject can be achieved by the client. Once the client is satisfied. We shall proceed with the next procedure.


Clients will have to send a Letter of Intent. The format of letter of intent can be received by the associate of TCA. Letter of Intent only consists of general information about the client and his monetary preparation to fund his account with specific date. This date is important for the TCA team to allocate the technical slot for TCA as mandatory work before preparations. This also shows the seriousness and willingness of the client who is willing to go for TCA. P.S. without an LOI client will not be entertained further. We can also accept an informal LOI through email without a proper format.


After we receive LOI from the client. The client is advised to open his account from a recommended broker. Incase client is not comfortable with the broker. He may change the broker but if in case he starts with a substantial amount above 100K USD. We ensure client’s comfort, safety and TCA associate explains every aspect of regulations which is mandatory for brokers. Once the account is open without funding it TCA team tests It for integration. Integration is a definite set of technical procedures which an account has to go through before commencing any trade in it.


Once the Account is open, clients may move for funding of the account. Depending upon the comfort level of the client he may proceed with an agreement which will be executed between trader and client for execution of trade and safety of the account. One agreement is done and the client will fund the account strictly as per LOI/agreement.


Once trade starts in the account, TCA associates will assist clients to see the live trades in the account. Once a client watches his live trades he can manage to watch all the live trades being executed in the account with a set of terms being already explained. Clients in no condition are allowed to execute any trade or change anything in the account. On a condition if client attempts. This overall TCA gets breached and hence the client is not entertained for future.


After every 30 DAYS/90 DAYS as per terms client can withdraw the profits excluding the capital. Once profit is credited to the client’s bank account. He will have to share 50% of the revenue to the trader’s account as discussed.

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